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European Solidarity Corbs project series 2022-1-DE04-ESC51-VTJ-000068096

When we were awarded our Quality Label in 2022, we could not have anticipated the profound impact that project series 2022-1-DE04-ESC51-VTJ-000068096 would have on our community and participants. Encompassing three long-term volunteers – Devaki Dasi, Thakur-Haridas Das, and Balaram Prana Das – and two team volunteering events in May and September, our project spanned intense months filled with activities, learning, and communal growth.

The enthusiasm and commitment from everyone involved were overwhelming. Many team members expressed a desire to return and participate in further projects. It was delightful to see how the long-term volunteers not only became part of our community but also contributed significantly in their respective departments – be it Devaki in the Pujari Department or Thakur in Sankirtan.

Group activities ranged from hiking in the tri-border area of Austria, Czech Republic, and Germany, to personality workshops with Simon Reinart, and musical evenings by the campfire. Special highlights were our participation in the spring festival “Narasimha Caturdasi” and our music festival “Kirtan Mela,” both of which conveyed not just spiritual depth but also cultural diversity and a sense of community.

Our endeavors in kitchen work and apple harvesting, including a visit to the cider mill, became the highlights of the project series. These moments of learning, sharing, and growing were invaluable and strengthened the sense of togetherness and mutual understanding.

Thanks to the European Solidarity Corps, we were able to offer three young people the unique opportunity to live in our community for a year, similar to a voluntary social year, fully secured with health insurance, travel costs, and pocket money. This provided them with the unique chance to deeply immerse themselves in community life and experience personal growth.

It fills us with pride and gratitude that participants from all over Europe – including Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Lithuania, and Germany – have found their way to us. Their enthusiasm and willingness to embark on this adventure have enriched our community and encouraged us to eagerly plan the next series of projects.

A special mention goes to Bashar Almashaqbeh, a former long-term volunteer, who now serves as the project coordinator for our EU projects. His dedication and support are a shining example of the lasting impact our projects have – not just on an individual level but also on the community as a whole.

We look back on a year filled with challenges, experiences, and unforgettable moments. The projects ahead are already in planning, and we are filled with hope and anticipation for what the future holds. Our doors and hearts are open to all who wish to be part of this ongoing journey.

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