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We are very grateful for your kind donations so that we can ensure the worship of Sri Sri Prahlad Narasimha. Especially grateful we are for regular donations.


Bank transfer:

ISKCON Jandelsbrunn e.V.
IBAN: DE31740512300060198157
Reference: “Donation/Spende”

Please be sure to write “donation / Spende” in the intended purpose.



At the following Link you can download an application form to become a member of our society.

Please send us the filled form to:

ISKCON Jandelsbrunn e.V.
Zielberg 20
94118 Jandelsbrunn
or via Mail: fundraising@simhachalam.de

Current Fundraising Action

Help Simhachalam to overcome Energy Price Crisis

We, as the community of Simhachalam, are a little bit in a dilemma.

The expenditures to maintain this large project are very extensive. The drop in income due to the Corona-related closures is still noticeable. A crisis we have been able to bear, but which consumed all our reserves. Now, with the current energy crisis and the ever-increasing cost of living, we are facing renewed financial challenges for the temple.

Our monthly fixed costs of ~ 20TEUR cannot currently be met with only ~70 sponsoring members and the income of our little temple shop and the guesthouse.

With this in mind, although it is for sure unusual that the Lord goes around “begging”, we need to think about how to deal with mentioned financial struggles and how we can all preserve this temple together.

Your options to support Simhachalam.

1. Banktransfer

2. GoFundMe

3. Become a Member

Fundraising Campaign


you are welcome to come and participate and help in our project 24/7. Contact us if you are interested.

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