This summer, 24th – 30th of June, eight German youth went to Spain to participate in EU Erasmus+ project ‘Waves of Youth’ (2018-3-ES02-KA105-012254). Together with another 70 youth from all over the Europe, the participants had an unforgettable time in North of Spain: learning to surf, engaging in beach sports, farm visits, workshops and seminars, discussions, movie nights and so much more. 
Gokularanjana Prabhu, one of the participants, recalls: ‘For me, this Bhakti Surf exchange program left a very deep impression. We were engaged in various sport activities like surfing, soccer, volleyball, dodge ball, simultaneously finding enough time to connect with ourselves through Bhakti Yoga meditation. I could also build up many profound friendships. Everyone who has time and opportunity to participate in such future programs, I can fully recommend to grab this chance.’
Thank you so much to all the organizers and we are looking forward to taking part next year

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