august, 2019

23aug4:00 pm12:59 pmKrishna Janmastami - Appearance Day of Sri Krishna

Event Details

We celebrate from 16:00 – 24:00


08:00 Bhagavatam Class Gaura Mohan das

11:00 Krishna Katha 1 Ananda Krishna das

15:00 Krishna Katha 2 Ananda Krishna das

16:00 Abisheka Sri Sri Radhika Giridhari

17:00 Krishna Katha 3 Ananda Krishna Prabhu

18:30 Sandhya Arati + Kirtana Extasy 2

21:00 Dramatic Krishna Book Reading

22:00 „How Krishna came” – Sharing KC

23:30 intense Bhajana

24:00 Special Darshana Arati Kirtana Extasy 3

24:30 Maha Feast

For convenience and to suggest a celebration, we sometimes say that Janmastami is Krishna’s birthday, since anyone we know of on Earth, either past or present, is apparently “born” into this world. However, this is not an accurate description for Krishna (who we understand as the original feature of God), or for any of God’s other incarnations.


There is no “birth” or “death” for God, since by definition He is primeval, always existing, the source of everything, who has no material form with a particular date of creation. In fact even the individual soul—ourselves—are spoken of as unborn (aja), since spiritually, eternally, we are all part of God. According to the Bhagavad-gita which is Krishna’s song or sermon, God is understood to “appear” at various times to serve His purposes. These purposes are generally understood to be reestablishing religious principles, to uplift and inspire the faithful, and to vanquish the miscreants who are causing major world problems. He is compared to the sun which appears to be “born” at sunrise, and “die” at sunset, but is actually always existing beyond our view.


(Friday) 4:00 pm - 12:59 pm