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Festivals are an integral part of ISKCON. With myriad of colourful decorations, multi-course feasts, elaborate rituals, kirtans (music), dance and dramas, the festivals makes spiritual progress a fun-filled experience. The original Vedic flavor is thus revived, and anyone who participates in them can vouch that there is no modern day substitute for these soul-satisfying experiences.

The Vaishnava festivals dates are determined by using the lunar calendar. Therefore, dates will vary from year to year when compared to the Western, or solar calendar.

At the very end of this page you will find a full month calendar of our events.

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Narasimha Caturdasi

This wonderful unique festival within Europe is our biggest Festival. We celebrate the appearance day of Lord Narasimhadeva, who came to save Prahlad, his five year old devotee. It is a 3-5 day event filled with ancient ceremonies in worship of the Lord as well as seminars, KIRTAN SIMHA (two days 10h non-stop Kirtan), lectures given by guest speakers from all over the world and of course a unique fest. Accommodation for this festival is always in demand, so please book as early as possible.  

Sankirtan Festival

Every year after a month of an intense endeavors in distributing Srila Prabhupadas Books, we assemble to share and celebrate in union. Simultaneously a new year is starting and we invite all to celebrate with us for a new spiritual start. This festival is loaded with many “ecstatic” Kirtans, lots of spiritual association, loads of Prasadam and deep realisations. 

Brahmotsava & Radhastami

Brahmotsava is the aniversary of the installation of Sri Sri Prahlad Lakshmi Narasimha. Every year we celebrate this festival to remember Srimati Radharani, the consort of Lord Krishna and that we have succeeded another year in the service of Narasimha. This is a smaller festival and especially nice for families. To book for this festival contact please our guesthouse.


the following is an overview of the major festivals in our community so that you may be up to date.
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