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“Healthy Gourmet” (2019-2-DE04-ESC11-018204) is an ESC (European Solidarity Corps) project, which has just been successfully concluded. The project centered around the topics of sustainability, health and well-being – related to preparing tasty, healthy meals from home-grown products, employment, inclusion and culture. The idea of the project was that one can live a more balanced life in a sustainable community and have one’s own eco garden, where one can grow eco food and then prepare it into a healthy, delicious meal – and thus become a healthy gourmet – a person, who enjoys healthy meals.

During the 10 months of the voluntary project we hosted one volunteer from Poland, who wanted to learn organic gardening from the planning part, planting, harvesting and everything necessary to start one’s own organic garden. Liwia learned how to prepare healthy, tasty meals from the products from the garden and she also helped to organize free food distribution – helping prepare it and distribute it – therefore, she was able to meet many new people. She also developed her own project within the project focusing on cooking, which turned out to be her passion.