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Pizza Effect Learning Partnership was lead by Vedischer Tempel & Kuhschutz e.V.. With six partner organisations from Hungary, Slovenia, UK, Poland, Netherlands and Belgium we implemented this project that connected and united persons through non formal adult education around a common idea of healthy simple food, appreciation of ones own and others culture, and active social integration into the European community.

Through several cooking workshops we established communication, encouraged peer learning within target groups of adults, as well as inter generational interaction. Using food as an integrating topic, the project updated the knowledge and skills of participating staff by improving their competencies necessary for managing organisations. Through many international mobilities at six meetings, each partner organisation became familiar with large scale of practical adult training methods; improved their communication, fundraising and team-working skills.

By means of informal learning and self-expressive activities based on relevant topics, the barriers limiting the adults social integration were reduced, we became friends, expanded knowledge base and adopted to modern circumstances. We promoted healthy lifestyles and cultural diversity.

As a result of the project this “Receipe Booklet – Pizza Effect Food Fusion” with the descriptions of food culture, history and way of life of participating countries has been prepared.