Outside Apartment for up to 4 Adults- Krishna’s Children – per day




In the local area our guests are gaining a reputation of not being clean and inappropriately using the guestrooms. There were also instances, where outside guest rooms, were at night time overcrowded (25 people in a space for 4!). Please notice, that our behaviour is our most noticed preaching. Whatever impression we leave outside, will be connected to the temple, Srila Prabhupada and His movement.Please be aware, be careful and clean, and leave the environment, as you would like to find it! (If you have more guests than registered, inform your hosts & pay accordingly.) In fact, a real brahmana leaves a room more clean, than he found it before.

Thank You, Hare Krishna!

Costs of the accommodation are per night, but as the system does not function in that way, please click on the last night that you are here.

For example, if you are coming on the 1st of August and planning to stay until the 4th of August (3 nights), you must indicate 1st-3rd August on the system.

Costs are to be understood per night:
if you stay from the 1st – 4th with one Person = 3 Nights = 3 x 50€ + 1 x 65€ = 215€
if you stay from the 1st – 4th with two Persons = 3 Nights = 3 x 50€ + 2 x 65€ = 280€

Please arrange your own transportation, we do not offer shuttle service

ONLY Payment in advance is accepted here!