We have many projects here on Simhachalam, to keep track of them we have two categories: Running and Completed.

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Renovating Sri Sri Prahlad Narasimha Devs Temple!

Maintenance is the mode of goodness, renovating the temple of Sri Sri Prahlad Narasimha Dev is our mission, so that future generation will be able to visit the temple in a pure and clean environment. The space above the temple of Narasimha will serve as an...

New Traktor

To keep Narasimha Dev´s garden intact we need a tractor to yield the fields. We first bought a used one which was constantly broken and especially on crucial times it failed, so we decided to invest in a new tractor. The garden department has now a brand new tractor...



EU – Healthy and Happy You(th)

16th to 23rd September 2019 Simhachalam hosted an Erasmus+ sponsored youth exchange, entitled ‘Healthy and Happy You(th)’. Around 30 participants from Spain, Slovenia, Germany and Lithuania gathered together for a wide variety of activities, such as fun games,...

EU – EVS Ann-Marie

In Zusammenarbeit mit Erasmus+ konnten wir zum ersten mal zwei Freiwillige aufnehmen im Rahmen des Europäischen Freiwilligen Dienst. Ann-Marie war eine angenehme Freiwillige. Die Zusammenarbeit funktionierte gut auch der Kontakt mit der Partnerorganisation war...

EU – Taste of Words

completed 2016 The goal of Taste of words Activity is tangible increase of following PRACTICAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCY of trainers in our organization, through learning mobility action of Erasmus Plus: 1) ability to create new ICT-based content - locally and Online,...

EU – Komorebi Offline in the forest

2015 What is Komorebi ? It is Japanese non translatable word that we have chosen for the project as it nicely describes what we would like to do and experience during the project. Komorebi (Japanese): the sort of dappled, scattered light effect that happens when...

EU – Pizza Effect

Pizza Effect Learning Partnership was lead by Vedischer Tempel & Kuhschutz e.V.. With six partner organisations from Hungary, Slovenia, UK, Poland, Netherlands and Belgium we implemented this project that connected and united persons through non formal adult education...

EU – Waves of Youth

This summer, 24th – 30th of June, eight German youth went to Spain to participate in EU Erasmus+ project ‘Waves of Youth’ (2018-3-ES02-KA105-012254). Together with another 70 youth from all over the Europe, the participants had an unforgettable time in North of Spain:...


We have just successfully completed an Erasmus+ project Live Healthy, Be Happy (2017-3-DE04-KA105-015949). Live Healthy, Be Happy is an EVS (European Volunteering Services) project that focused on the fact that healthy living and one's happiness are strongly...


Simhachalam is growing with a substantial support of EU funds! We have just successfully completed EVS INTERCULTURAL FOOD FUSION 2016 project and received the remaining 25% of the grant. This project has enabled us to facilitate our young priest Lukas to learn for an...

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